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The rule was always eat your sandwich first, right? Pop one of our scrumptious sangas in your lunchbox and keep the teacher happy.

They’re made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients and you can find them in your local Duck Shop freezer.

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You haven’t forgotten that fateful day when your scoop of ice cream fell to the floor outside the dairy, have you?

Don’t worry, it stayed with us, too. At Duck Island we vow that every single scoop of our 50 lovely and peculiar flavours is firmly attached to its handmade cone.

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If you’re singing “All by Myseeeeelf” into a hairbrush on Saturday night, you’ll need a pint or two of Duck Island ice cream to go with.

Also totally suitable for the regular non-heartbroken punter, you can find a range of our hand-picked favourite flavours in supermarkets and in store.

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Remember wagging school to order a sundae at the local ice cream parlour and ducking below the booth window as your school principal walked past?

No? Just us? Still, there’s more ice cream memories to be made in store, as our sundaes are available in a range of delectable flavour combos, worthy of getting a detention for.

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Chuck away your Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake book, because we’ve got the only party cake you’ll ever need.

An extravaganza of your three favourite flavours, layered under a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands confetti. Stocked daily at all scoop stores.

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Make sure everyone’s aware of your ice cream obsession with some original Duck Island Merch.

We’ve got goods for big kids, little kids, even classic car enthusiasts.

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