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When we launched Flavour Creators we made a call to Aotearoa to get dreaming and our tamariki definitely answered.

We called on kids to dream up their ultimate flavour creation and they responded. We received over 6,000 entries! Working through all the creations that flew in our judges narrowed it down to a shortlist. Our lead flavour developers then took to the kitchen for testing and finally landed on their favourites, turning those into real life ice creams!

Our winner’s ice cream was scooped in all our scoop stores for a limited time with profits from that flavour going back to the creator’s school to help fund projects around innovation, creativity and science.

Meet our 2022 finalists…

Congratulations Stirling!

Fiesta took out the top spot. This winning flavour was extremely popular, we scooped 1,080 litres of Fiesta ice cream!


Age 11 / Year 6
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Auckland

This wasn’t the only Mexican-themed entry in our comp but it stood out to us because of the addition of corn chips – we just had to give it a crack and were pleasantly surprised by the salty, crunchy, spice they brought to the ice cream. Once we started eating it, we couldn’t stop.

Fiesta is a cinnamon spiced ice cream with crunchy little nubs of cinnamon sugar churros, white chocolate coated salsa corn chips and swirls of gooey dulce de leche caramel. Stirling describes Fiesta as a “rich, gooey caramel running down your throat with a crunch from the salty chips, a party in your mouth!”

We made 1,080 litres of Fiesta ice cream, presenting Stirling’s school, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart with $3,760.52 to go towards projects around creativity, science and innovation. We’re excited to see what creative endeavours they do next!


A big congratulations to our two runners up for their highly creative, imaginative and most importantly, DELICIOUS flavours.

Korokoro Koko

Age 12 / Year 8
Sacred Heart School, Wellington

Korokoro Koko is Toaiva’s ice cream interpretation of Koko Alaisa, a dessert she enjoys devouring when in Samoa. We loved Toaiva’s connection to this dish and how she has used it for inspiration in building this flavour.

Toaiva’s ice cream has a milk chocolate base infused with rice and toasted coconut. Chunks of honeycomb, crispy rice bubbles, crushed cacao nibs and chocolate shavings are scattered throughout – making it extra scrumptious.

We loved the consideration of all the interesting elements that went into this ice cream. Congratulations Toaiva, it was a pleasure meeting you and bringing your ice cream dream to life.

Crystal Canyon

Age 7 / Year 3
Endeavour School, Hamilton

Our judges loved the name of this ice cream and all the fun textures and flavours.

Crystal Canyon has a chocolate ice cream base with some key inclusions. This ice cream features Smarties (only using the colours that matched Olivia’s drawing!), popping candy coated in chocolate and cookie dough chunks. We also loved Olivia’s illustration and thought it looked just like a crystal covered canyon.

It was so awesome meeting Olivia and seeing her tuck into her dream ice cream with her friends! Congratulations Olivia!