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Here’s the scoop on our 2023 Flavour Creators…

Thousands of entries flew in from all over the country and our team of flavour developers went on the hunt for daringly delicious combinations that told a story through flavour and ingredients.

This year our ice cream experts were looking for two winning flavours to bring to life: one from School Years 0-5 and one from School Years 6-8.

Working through all the creations our flavour developers narrowed it down and took to the kitchen, testing and trialling so many amazing flavour concepts.

After countless hours of tasting and tweaking, we finally found our winning flavour combinations…

Congratulations to Ezra Page-Clarke and Simone Kelly, we’ve just loved turning your creations into real life ice cream! 

Ezra Page-Clarke!

Age 7 / Year 3
Mount Cook School

Le Duck Island French Breakfast

Ezra describes the taste of his flavour creation “like waking up on a warm sunny morning in a French campsite”. His featured ingredients included pain au chocolat, orange juice, hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

Our Flavour Developers said French Breakfast stood out as we know everyone loves pain au chocolat, and the extra ingredients woven into the story of orange, campside hot chocolate and marshmallows had us intrigued.

How we made it

The biggest question for us when making Le Duck Island French Breakfast was whether we infuse the milky chocolate base with toasted croissants, or coat them in butter and sugar and caramelize them in a hot oven before folding them thorough the ice cream. We opted for the latter as those little nubs of golden brown croissants were just too tasty to leave out!

Luckily it’s orange season, so we decided on bright and tangy orange curd made with local oranges to represent the campsite orange juice Ezra described. We made some moreish chocolate fudge sauce as a nod to the chocolate in the pain au chocolat and rippled this through the ice cream and finished with hand torched tiny marshmallows.


Simone Kelly!

Age 10 / Year 6
Wadestown School

Grannies Afternoon Tea

Simone describes her ice cream as a dreamy vanilla base with hits of buttery shortbread and dollops of delicious strawberry jam, chunks of chocolate and a salty crunch surprise to top it off. 

The inspiration behind the flavour is what really got us, “my great granny Dorothy always gives us shrewsbury biscuits, mallowpuffs and shortbread and these EXTREMELY crunchy crackers. When me and my brother crunch them she has to turn her hearing aids down. Then we let her cheat at UNO.”

We could just picture the noisy scene of biscuits, crackers and cards and we knew we had to spin this into a dreamy flavour.

How we made it

We began Grannies Afternoon Tea by melting real marshmallows into our sweet cream base but after several attempts it just wasn’t “marshmallowy” enough. We ditched the actual marshmallows and opted for a beautifully scented essence. To capture the salty and crunchy crackers Simone describes in her entry, we snacked our way through many a packet of popular savoury crackers for salt + crunch factor until we found one we were happy with. We then smashed them up and coated them in melted milk chocolate for yumminess and to keep them crunchy!

Sweet strawberry jam was made using New Zealand strawberries, sugar and a splash of lemon juice to represent the strawberry in the Shrewsbury biscuits. Finally we made a rich, buttery salted shortbread and chopped it up into tiny little cubes to scatter throughout the finished ice cream.

Thank you to everyone that reached for the coloured pencils to send us incredible creations, stories and flavour concepts. Keep dreaming of those delicious flavour combinations and possibilities, we can’t wait to come back for more!